In January 2018, The One Point, in partnership with IT@Spectrum, became the first UK print channel partner to work with SolarWinds MSP, installing N-Central to automate delivery of IT Managed Services to its growing customer base. Now, one year on, we caught up with Martin Lauer, MD of The One Point, to find out how this has gone.

The One Point’s business is going from strength to strength, with revenue growing at an average annual rate of 45% over the last five years, and is on track to deliver another stellar growth performance in the current year. Growth has been driven by Telecoms, with the ongoing move towards VOiP, and Mobile, gearing up for the switch to 5G. Now, the addition of fully managed IT Services, supported by the N-Central platform, has provided a further boost.

Interestingly, Martin said that it was the combination of these three services which was the biggest draw for many customers, who increasingly look for a one-stop solution to outsource their whole IT and Communications infrastructure. Of course this has to be with a provider they can trust and rely on, which is where the attention to service levels really pays off, supporting the great reputation, which The One Point has built painstakingly over the last few years. The addition of N-Central, an industry-leading RMM platform, enhances service levels further, by anticipating and fixing problems, often before customers are even aware of them. Because this is automated, it is also highly efficient and profitable for The One Point.

The One Point now has a strong base of around 550 customers, ranging from SMBs up to large enterprises, with the NHS as the fastest growing client. Customer loyalty is strong, with very high retention rates. Commitment levels are also getting stronger, with most IT Services clients now signing 3-year contracts.

But this is only the start. The partnership between The One Point and IT@Spectrum offers the potential for even more spectacular growth in the future. IT@Spectrum has an even bigger base, of 750 customers, and so far the two businesses have only scratched the surface in terms of delivering synergies from working more closely together. Of course, this is not as easy as it might sound, as there are differences in culture between the organisations, and barriers to overcome, such as fear on the part of sales people, concerned about losing control of their customers.

Nevertheless, the logic of customers wanting a one-stop-shop will surely drive both organisations to find ways to overcome these barriers. Using new tools and organisational approaches, they will find plenty of opportunities for The One Point to sell IT Services to IT@Spectrum customers, and for IT@Spectrum to sell MPS to The One Point’s customers. Maybe this will lead eventually to an integrated sales and account management approach.

We wish Martin, Ken, and their teams every success in growing and developing their businesses together, in partnership with SolarWinds MSP. We will follow their progress with keen interest, and look forward to reporting on their future achievements.

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