We help in Addressing the Challenges Facing the Print Channel.

  1. Print Volumes are declining
  2. Competition is getting tougher
  3. Revenues and margins are being squeezed

“I need to find new revenue streams and ways to improve margins”

This is a familiar refrain at gatherings of print channel partners. But how to do it?

Changing a well-established business model is difficult, and involves risk. It is easy to say “we must become more solutions oriented”, “we must find new products and services for our customers”, but if it was that easy to do these things, everyone would be doing them already.

That is where Channel Vitality comes in. We use the experience and contacts gained working in the print industry all around the world to find top ranked companies who can partner with you.

These are substantial companies who can give you the practical help you need to introduce new and improved products and services for your customers, and who most importantly already have a proven track record of success in other countries.

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