Print Volumes are forecast to go on declining – gradually

  • Europe – 4.4% p.a.
  • USA -3,6% p.a.
  • 67% of survey respondents said that their company had taken steps to simplify, remove or automate their document-related business operations or processes

– This number was a bit higher in companies with 500+ employees.
– Smaller companies will possibly continue to see the most persistent print.

Drivers of Reduced Print Volumes

  1. Digitalisation of work-flows – 40%
  2. Use of electronic forms – 30%
  3. Decrease in hard copies needed for record keeping – 30%
  4. Introduction of electronic document management solutions – 25%
  5. Clients prefer to receive information digitally – 25%

Source: Infotrends. Online survey of 750 office workers in the US, UK, Brazil and Spain

The Impact is an Ongoing Squeeze on Revenues and Margins for the Print Channel – leading to further consolidation in the industry. Channel Vitality exists to help you find ways to counter this squeeze, by building new revenue streams and finding new ways to create value for your customers

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